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In the shadow of the coronavirus crisis, the economies of some major countries, which until a few years ago were an attractive market for Czech exports, were undergoing changes. Now we have turned our backs on these countries. One such example is the situation in the Russian economy, or rather the situation in its agriculture and food industry. After the collapse of the Russian economy in the early 90s, Russia, a country with huge potential in the agricultural sector, imported about 70% of poultry meat, 40% of pork and 45% of beef. Complete dependence on imports, that is, the inability to feed their own population. For a country that claims to be a power, such dependence is unacceptable.

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The Constitutional Court of Moldova recognized the special status of the Russian language in the country as illegal. The Constitutional Court of Moldova has declared the provision on the special status of the Russian language in the republic inconsistent with the Basic Law.

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The reason for Europe's fatigue was corruption and the economic situation in Ukraine, as well as ignoring the Soviets.

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There is a major outbreak of measles worldwide. Why is this happening and how is the spread of measles fought in different countries?

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The situation in the European political economy is very interesting. Politics is a corrupt thing, especially if economic interests dictate a certain direction.

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May is replaced by a man who considers the EU  "a prison, like Soviet Russia".

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