Plescheevo lake: what hides this pond
Mar 25, 2019

Plescheevo lake: what hides this pond

Half a million tourists annually come to Plescheevo lake near the ancient Pereslavl-Zalessky.

The indescribable beauty of the place lures avid fishermen, divers, eco-tourists features a magical getaway, neo-pagans-the pagans — a chance to honor the memory of our ancestors, and scientists trying to solve the many mysteries and about the "traveling" rock and about glowing orbs, and even about the disappearing tourists. One of the main attractions of the lake is the Blue stone-a three-meter cobblestone weighing 12 tons, which mysteriously moves. That only tried to do with it: both buried, and drowned at the bottom of the lake, and took away, but it always inexplicably came back. However, for each beautiful legend of the people of science there is an explanation, and often-not one. In the opinion of French biologists Richard the Demon and Bertrand Askole, stones are living beings with breath and a beating heart. Only the rhythm of their heartbeat is extremely slow — one beat per day, and therefore it is impossible to hear or feel it without special equipment. In the course of long-term observations the French managed to prove that the stones are able to move. One of " test subjects "for 2 weeks" left " on two and a half millimeters. About suddenly "witajcie" in the spring the stones tillers repeatedly broke plows, and therefore ploughing is always started with field inspection and cleaning of boulders, about which the people said that their "land of birth". But geophysicists have a more prosaic explanation: under the influence of temperature changes, the stony rock expands and contracts, which leads to its slight displacement. Therefore it is not surprising that for decades the stone "leaves" on a decent distance. The fact that the Blue stone returns to its" legitimate " place, there is another explanation, which, however, the official science is not yet recognized. If we accept the belief that our ancestors placed the stone on one of the Ley lines, the network of which entwines the entire planet and connects numerous natural landmarks, then its return to the place is the restoration of the disturbed balance.The hypothesis of the existence of Ley lines was first put forward by the Englishman Alfred Watkins, who combined numerous ancient monuments, mounds, ridges, ponds and other natural landmarks into a single network created during the Neolithic period for ease of movement. According to this version, Plescheevo lake fits into the General "coordinate system", and Blue-stone is a kind of mark on the map. Glaciologists insist that to explain the return of the Blue stone to the place is quite simple. Every year in early spring to the North-Eastern shore of the lake the strongest wind drives hummocks-piles of ice debris, the height of which reaches a two-storey house. If the stone freezes into such ice, it may well "travel" for impressive distances and "push" to the shore. This version, in particular, was put forward in the newspaper "Vladimir provincial Gazette" in a series of publications in 1850.Opinion that the stone to the shore "drags" the ice for the first time put forward the priest and Pereyaslavl ethnographer Nikolai Mamorsky, and in 1984 the calculations of Geophysics Nikolai Berdnikov confirmed the assumption Makarkova.The mystery of the second double bottomDivers willingly convey from mouth to mouth the legend of the double bottom of the lake, because of which the divers disappear without a trace. Mysticism scientists tend to explain the peculiarities of the origin of the reservoir, but there is no consensus.Some believe that the pond appeared 30 thousand years ago and is of glacial origin. Thousands of years ago, a huge ice lens was buried at the bottom, the gradual removal of which led to the formation of a double bottom.Proponents of the hypothesis believe that Plescheevo lake — salt karst. In this case, emptiness under water appeared as a result of salt leaching. Confirmation of this version are considered the salt works of the village Kupanskoe (formerly Usol'e) in the vicinity of the lake. For the first time they together with monastic yards are mentioned in 1517 in the diploma of Prince Vasily III Ivanovich granted to the Trinity-Sergiev monastery. The mystery of the third herring in fresh waterFor the salt version of the origin of the double bottom says the presence in the fresh lake of rare fish-grouse, called "Royal herring" is no coincidence. Since the time of Ivan the terrible it began to be served to the Royal and Grand table. According to ichthyologists, on the site of lake Pleshcheyev there was once a sea in which the relict fish felt very comfortable. Over time, the sea turned into a lake, but because of the salt origin, clean water and constant temperature European grouse decided to stay.Mystery four-fogA few years ago, Plescheevo lake was included in the five most "unexplained places" on the planet, which is famous for appearing from nowhere nebulae. Caught in a milky-slushy haze man allegedly "falls out of reality", but often finds a "trail" and goes on it, led by "otherworldly forces."Whether we are talking about electrostatic levitation or teleportation is still unknown, but scientists do not exclude that "fall into a black hole" anomalous zone can be.The fifth mystery — the fireballsOften there was an inexplicable glow over the lake. Eyewitnesses told about the "fireballs" that mysteriously appeared over the water surface and disappeared. Nothing mysterious but scientists do not see here probably the of water allocated special phosphine — toxic gas, which in contact with air is ignited. The phenomenon is typical for swamps, where the effect of "wandering lights" is not considered something supernatural.For environmentalists mystical fire over the surface of the lake-not the coming prophecy of the end of the world, and the signal of the death of a unique natural masterpiece. In recent years, environmentalists have repeatedly recorded an increased level of pollution, a critical decrease in water level and increased reproduction of stinking blue-green algae. They warn: if you do not take drastic measures to save the lake Pleshcheyev, in a few decades it will turn into a swamp, and then "fireballs" over it will appear almost every day.Riddle six-in search of Kitezh-gradAccording to one legend, vacationers have repeatedly observed "growing" from the lake a huge stone finger, with the advent of which there was an inexplicable fear and temporary paralysis. Continue this as you could have a few days.Scientists do not have a scientific explanation yet, but according to one version, this phenomenon is associated with the formation of a powerful torsion field (the term was first used in 1922 by mathematician Eli Cartan). And creates a physical phenomenon is nothing but located in the depths of Kitezh-grad. However, about the "Russian Atlantis" people of science argue no less than about the mysterious mysteries of lake Pleshcheyev.

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