Germany will increase contributions to the EU budget.

The additional annual burden for Germany may amount to about 13 billion euros due to the new budget plans of the European Union, according to the Federal government's response to a request from a member of Parliament from the FDP Gerald Ulrich.

At the same time, it is noted that the amount of the contribution will increase by 46 percent. According to the German foreign Ministry, the average current contribution within the EU is about 28 billion euros per year. The response to the parliamentary inquiry also States that the European Commission does not yet have all the necessary information available for final assessment. Therefore, it is only possible to discuss the increase of the contribution by 13 billion euros in advance. The situation around Germany's contributions was clarified by the Deputy Chairman of the Bundestag Commission for Europe, Markus Tens (SPD). "The EU budget for the next seven years is chronically underfunded," the MP said. - We agreed in the coalition agreement to strengthen it. The UK's exit from the European Union showed that Germany's contribution to the EU budget will and should increase." According to Tens, only Brexit increases Berlin's contribution to the so-called multi-year EU financial framework (MFR) from 20 to 24.5 percent. The exact amount of national contributions will only be known when member States agree on the next long-term budget, Brussels made clear. A video conference of heads of state and government will be held on Friday. The latest proposal from the European Commission provides for a budget framework of 1.1 trillion euros for the period from 2021 to 2027, which includes contributions from member States, EU own funds, as well as revenue from taxes and fees. In addition, a plan to boost the EU economy in the amount of 750 billion euros should be approved.

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