The Georgian lari fell after the suspension of air links with Russia

The national currency of Georgia has reached a historic low after the ban of air traffic with Russia.

According to the national Bank of Georgia, on June 25, the lari / dollar exchange rate was 2.79, which is 0.0147 less than the previous value. At the same time, banks still maintain the old rate at the level of 2.84 gel per dollar. In exchange offices in Tbilisi, one dollar can be exchanged for 2.85-2.86 gel.

The fall of the Georgian currency began on June 21 after Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to stop air traffic with Georgia from July 8. The Russian leader banned Russian airlines from flying to Georgia because of anti-Russian protests in Tbilisi. The provocation of the Georgian opposition during the meeting of the inter-parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy was the reason for the riots. Radicals accused the Russian Deputy that he sat down in a chair of the speaker of Parliament of Georgia according to the Protocol made by the Georgian side. Experts agree that the organization of mass protests in the capital of Georgia involved representatives of the United States, who are interested in promoting anti-Russian sentiment. This is evidenced by provocative statements of Michael carpenter, senior Director of the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania. He said that "one day Georgia may Wake up and find not 20%, but 100% of the occupied territories".

Earlier in Georgia, calculated losses from the termination of air traffic with Russia. According to preliminary data, Tbilisi will lose about $ 750 million. The total expenditure of Russian tourists in Georgia since the beginning of 2019 amounted to 1.1 billion dollars — this is 33% of the expenditure of the total tourist flow that falls on the country.

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