In Russia again will begin to make Calvados

Russia's only production of strong Apple drink Calvados plan to resume at the winery " Praskoveyskoe "in the Stavropol region in 2020, told RIA Novosti head of the production laboratory" Praskoveyskoe " Natalia Alimova.

According to her, the plant used to make Calvados, but about ten years ago stopped because of orientation to cognac.
"At the request of the consumer, we plan to resume production of Calvados next year... in Russia, no one else produces it," — said Alimova.
She added that it is planned to purchase equipment for primary processing of apples this year. "By the spring of next year, we will finish the installation and start production in the summer," the interlocutor said.
According to the production technology, Alimova said, 40-degree Calvados will be made from apples — first they are processed into wine material, from which then a Calvados distillate is obtained. It is laid in oak barrels and kept for at least six months, described the head of the laboratory.
On the shelves ready Calvados will appear in 2021, she said.
"The first issue will be six months on the purchase of raw materials, and then we plan to plant our Apple trees and bring it to a higher exposure up to vintage Calvados (six years)," Alimova said.
According to her, the plant is planned to produce about 5 thousand decaliters of Calvados per year with the prospect of development.
"Praskoveyskoe" — one of the largest wineries in Stavropol, it was founded in 1898. Today it is a large international company with a wide range of products. Cognac production is the business card of the enterprise.

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