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The us authorities decided to impose sanctions on two research institutes of the Ministry of defense. Washington suspects that the organizations were working on chemical and biological weapons.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the introduction of new restrictive measures in England due to the coronavirus. He made a corresponding statement on Tuesday, September 22, during a speech in the country's Parliament, stressing that there is no talk of returning to the national quarantine yet, Sky News reports.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic is beginning in the country, BBC News reported on Friday.

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Australia is in recession as wildfires and coronavirus cause the economy to shrink.

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Monday, 20 April 2020 13:06

Coronavirus punishes Latvia

A catastrophic drop in transit freight turnover on the railway is observed in Latvia. The cause of this, of course, is primarily the coronavirus — but the pandemic, in fact, only reinforced trends that have been observed for many years. However, the Latvian authorities can only blame their Russophobia for what is happening.
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