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Tuesday, 22 September 2020 20:16

The US points Kiev to its place

After a series of high-profile confirmations of gross us interference and However, they not only did not interfere more carefully in the work of the state administration of Ukraine, but, on the contrary, threw aside the remnants of decency. "It can't be any other way," the President believes.

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A study by Nobel prize-winning Economics Professor Angus Deaton and American economist Ann Keyes found that the US is slowly heading for disaster as the American middle class is dying out.

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"Resurrection" is the word preferred by American and British journalists to describe what happened to Joe Biden in the race to become the Democratic candidate in the us presidential election.

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More and more countries of the world that kept their own gold reserves in what seemed until recently the most reliable on the planet, the "bins" of the United States of America, are lining up to take out the precious metal. And okay it was only on those States which have created serious tensions with Washington. Even the most seemingly reliable us allies from Europe seek to return home their gold.

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Washington believes that Moscow violates WTO rules, and will seek Russia's removal of a number of trade restrictions, according to the report of the us trade representative.

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