Ukraine loses record harvest: grain cannot be delivered to ports

In Ukraine, there is a catastrophic situation with the transportation of grain-with a record harvest, farmers can not sell grain, because it can not be delivered to ports.

This was stated on the air of the 24th channel expert, head of the Ukrainian agrarian Confederation Leonid Kozachenko.He noted that the situation is critical everywhere in Ukraine, and the South-Western railway has now stopped the transportation of grain. "Farmers because of this stopped buying grain, because it can not be delivered to the ports. Prices began to fall. Now farmers because of the transport collapse on the railway lose 800 hryvnia (about $32) per ton," — said the expert. In his opinion, right now Ukraine urgently needs to look around the world at least for rent locomotives, which are extremely scarce, and in the longer term — to start private traction, immediately build highways and develop river navigation. "The management of Ukrzaliznytsia (the state-owned company responsible for the operation of the railway in Ukraine) warned about a possible collapse in advance. Even called for the creation of an operational headquarters. But the management of the monopolist at meetings of a staff declares that can't make anything. Like, let's think about who to give preference to-you or you? It is difficult to make decisions in this format, " Kozachenko added.

In conclusion, he recalled that Ukrainian farmers this season are ready to sell for export about 55 million tons of grain, 3 million more than last year-if, of course, somehow manage to take out of Ukraine grown crop.

According to Ukrainian specialized media, in particular, the publication "Passenger transport", at the end of August in working order is only about half of the total locomotive fleet" Ukrzaliznytsia " — 1796 serviceable locomotives from 3596 (these figures also include shunting locomotives). Experts noted that in recent years the situation has deteriorated significantly — more than three hundred locomotives failed in less than three years, and only 30 were purchased during this period. Also at the end of August, transport expert Valery Tkachev said that now there are 302 abandoned trains or more than 15 thousand freight cars on the tracks, and more than 9 thousand are loaded. "The movement in the direction of the sea ports very difficult. Such a number of abandoned trains was not "Ukrzaliznytsya" for many years", — said Tkachev. The Ministry of economy of Ukraine, which is now subordinate to the agricultural sector, the situation with the export of grain in recent years has not commented. We can say that Ukraine is in a state of permanent socio-economic crisis throughout the period of its independence, since 1991. Although the country's GDP has grown somewhat in absolute terms, a comparison with other CIS countries and with all its neighbours shows a different picture.
Per capita GDP growth in Ukraine is the lowest in the CIS. Knowledge-intensive production, which was a significant part of the Ukrainian economy in Soviet times, is deteriorating. For example, the share of mechanical engineering fell from 31% in 1990 to 5-7% in 2016.the country's Public debt reaches 70 billion dollars, while in 1991 it was not at all.
The reason for the crisis state of Ukraine is that during the years of independence has not developed an elite that connects its future with the future of the country. National differences between regions, the division of power and property by oligarchic groups hamper development.
Sharp fight between power groups in 2013 led to illegal change of the power which in Ukraine name "revolution". As a result, people even more dangerous to the country than those who were there before got into the system of power and management. This led to a social explosion in the Crimea and Donbass and to the aggravation of problems in the economy.
In 2013-2014, the economy fell by about 10% per year, the dollar and housing tariffs grew at an unprecedented pace. Gold and foreign exchange reserves were sharply reduced, the public debt reached 60% of GDP. All this has had a negative impact on the standard of living of the population. The outflow of able-bodied population abroad has increased. The state, complicating economic relations with Russia for propaganda purposes, only aggravated the situation.
In recent years, the fall of the Ukrainian economy has stabilized somewhat, but we can not talk about the restoration of economic growth.

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