In Estonia, gays set up and distribute medals, while right-wingers work for Moscow.

Estonian nationalists engaged in a fierce battle with the country's President, Kersti Kaljulaid. The reason was the attitude to sex minorities. Kaljulaid wants "blue" and "pink" people to be able to make official marriages. The right-wing parties demand to write in the Constitution that marriage is only a Union of a man and a woman.

In 2014, Estonia adopted the "law on cohabitation". This act allows couples (including same – sex couples) to enter into so-called civil partnerships-which allows them to share property and credit obligations, regulate obligations to care for each other, and enter into inheritance relationships. Attempts to somehow legalize same-sex unions in Estonia began in 2006, but at first the process was very slow due to the resistance of conservative politicians.

And in March 2016, Estonia registered the first adoption of children by a same-sex couple – this was made possible thanks to the "law on cohabitation", which allowed such a practice. At the same time, a sociological survey was conducted in the country, during which it was found that 60% of Estonian residents are opposed to gay couples being given the right to register their relationships. It is interesting that, as sociologists have found out, for some reason Estonian women, as well as representatives of the Russian-speaking minority living in the country, especially object to this.
Dissatisfied grumbling on the Internet is not limited to. Thus, participants of the public organization "Parents of Estonia" held a number of protest actions, demanding "to stop the promotion of homosexuality in schools". The protesters also opposed "teaching children about sexual minorities at school". In their opinion, "there is no place for propaganda of homosexuality in Estonian schools and kindergartens".

Also, "parents of Estonia" expressed the requirement that "the family should consist of a man and a woman, and not of representatives of the same sex." After that, the Estonian security service accused the "Parents of Estonia" of working for Moscow! According to the Estonian security police, this NGO is actively "cooperating with Russian propaganda organizations". The reason for such a loud accusation was the fact that the "Parents of Estonia" gave interviews, including to the Russian press.

The Church also opposed the law on gay marriage.

But a few voices of indignation were not able to change anything. It is characteristic that dissatisfied with the "law on cohabitation" were found even in the ranks of the ruling Centrist party itself – but its head and part-time Prime Minister of Estonia, Juri Ratas, announced that he would not repeal this law.

Everything changed after the next elections to the Riigikogu (Parliament) in March 2019. According to their results, the ruling coalition included the noisy and vociferous Conservative people's party (EKRE), in whose ranks radical nationalists United. As its priority goals, EKRE stated the construction of a" national state", the return of Ivangorod and Pechora, which were" rejected "by Russia, and, among other things, the abolition of the"law on cohabitation".

The current President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, defends a completely different line. Although married and the mother of four children in her personal life, Kersti Kaljulaid is steeped in "European values". In particular, it pays great attention to the protection of the rights of sex minorities in its activities.

Such a President could not help but enter into a sharp confrontation with EKRE, which is just the same to some of the "European values" is sharply negative. Both sides have repeatedly exchanged harsh statements. "I hate them for their behavior and apologize for the impression that is left as a result. Decent people don't behave like that. This is not the point of view that we share in Estonia. Now I have to explain their stupid actions, " Kaljulaid complained in an interview with Foreign Policy magazine in response to a journalist's question about whether she was concerned "about misogynistic, anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist comments" by EKRE politicians.
It is strange that the right has not yet been accused of working for Moscow, as the NGO "Parents of Estonia"was once accused of doing.
It turns out that militant sex minorities fanatically destroy the national state and the normal family, and in this case, the danger for Estonia is Europe with its LGBT tolerance.
Since this is the way things are going, there is a need in Estonia for a new version of the Constitution that takes into account the follies of our time and enshrines marriage as the Union of a man and a woman. Was outraged and the more moderate nationalists from the party "Fatherland". Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu ("Fatherland") said that he did not agree with the position of Kaljulaid on any aspects. "The legislator, when considering the law, clearly indicated that he does not want to extend marital status to other groups.
However, Kaljulaid is no longer persuaded. It became known that she was among the first group of people to receive the award of the Estonian LGBT Association. This award, called "rainbow hero", was presented to her in July 2020.
In total, the Estonian LGBT Association awarded the title of "Rainbow hero" to ten residents of the country. From now on, such awards will be presented annually on the international day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.

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