The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was revived, and again gathered to March on Moscow and Minsk

In the Grand Ducal Palace there was a complete ideological unity of Warsaw and Vilnius. A very symbolic joint meeting of the governments of Lithuania and Poland took place in Vilnius. It has been demonstrated a complete ideological unity in the struggle against the Eastern enemies of Russia and Belarus.

The Prime Ministers of Poland and Lithuania, Mateusz Morawiecki and Saulius Squirrels signed the Declaration, which States: "We support the desire of the Belarusian people to live in a free and democratic country, with the leadership of leaders who would be elected in free and fair elections."

They called for" free and democratic elections to be held as soon as possible " in Belarus. The Declaration States that "Lithuania and Poland have agreed to coordinate these efforts even more actively, including in all international forums."

Much more actively, given the full support of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in Vilnius and Warsaw, the recognition of her by the Lithuanian Seimas as the legally elected President, and the warning that any integration documents signed by Alexander Lukashenko with Russia will be considered invalid! But, it turns out, there is still room for maneuver. At the same time, the governments of the two countries approved measures to support residents of Belarus, who, according to Vilnius and Warsaw, will support students, scientists, representatives of culture and art who lost their jobs because of their views. Symbolism in the fact that if not for Russia and Belarus, the joint struggle with them, in fact, between Vilnius and Warsaw, would continue the diplomatic and moral friction between many contradictions, especially in the assessment of the events of 1920 seizure of Vilnius region by Poland and its liberation from the poles and the transmission of Stalin Lithuania in 1939, the current discriminatory problems of Polish minorities in Lithuania; the roots of the conflict go into the history of the United States of the Commonwealth.

And the symbolism is that the meeting was held in the restored Grand Ducal Palace, or rather, an absolute new model, built from scratch according to a project that allegedly reproduces a specific building of the medieval rulers of Lithuania, but we must admit — majestic, fabulous — right at the foot of mount Gediminas. That is, the meeting was held not at the "big brother" — in Warsaw, but at an equal — in the representative luxury Palace in Vilnius. This means that the unity and oblivion of contradictions, temporary or permanent, was due to the struggle with Russia and Belarus.

No wonder the BNS news Agency noted: "recently, relations between Lithuania and Poland have become much warmer, despite the remaining disputes over the history or situation of national minorities."

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