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Report Muller indifferent Trump.

In the afternoon on Friday, all American TV channels interrupted regular broadcasting to report the urgent news that Robert Mueller has completed the investigation of the so-called Russian case.

"The white house did not receive the report of the special Prosecutor and was not informed about it," wrote press Secretary of the us President Sarah Sanders on Twitter, testifying in such a way that the trump administration did not interfere in the work of the special Prosecutor.
According to her, now Muller's report will be considered by the us attorney General William Barr.
Sanders also added that the White house expects: the process will go on.
American media reported that the Minister of justice and the U.S. attorney General William Barr can acquaint members of Congress with the findings of the investigation of the case of "Russian intervention" on the weekend.
Currently, only a few people have seen Muller's report.
As noted, now Barr must decide to publish the entire report of Mueller or not.
Within an hour of the dissemination of information about the transfer of the report of the special Prosecutor to the head of the us Department of justice, CNN actually declared trump's victory in the confrontation with the Democrats on the "Russian case".
The journalists came to this conclusion on the grounds that Robert Mueller's report does not contain new indictments. This means that members of the family of the American President, the us law enforcement system is not threatened.
Trump's lawyers have already responded to the completion of the investigation in the "case of Russia".
"We are glad that us special Prosecutor Robert Mueller gave his report to the Minister of justice and attorney General William Barr," trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said in a statement.
Meanwhile, the speaker of the U.S. house of representatives Democrat Nancy Pelosi and the democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer demanded that the Minister of justice and attorney General William Barr to submit to the Congress a full version of the Mueller report on the case of "Russian interference" in the elections.
Barr himself stressed that he intends to provide the greatest possible transparency on the Muller report.
Thus, the two-year investigation of the "Russian case" in fact led America to a dead end.
The absence of additional indictments indicates that the main crimes that Muller has uncovered are procedural. We are talking, for example, about perjury. The crimes of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, most likely, would have gone unpunished if these two did not work for trump.
Thus, the" Russian case "in the United States, which spoiled relations between Moscow and Washington to the level of the cold war, was essentially a"dummy". And so far everything is so that the next few days will only strengthen this impression of the Muller report. 

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