Political violence grows in Colombia

South America.

Political violence grows in Colombia

7 de septiembre de 2019, 0:15Bogota, Sep 7 (Prensa Latina) Less than two months before regional elections in Colombia, the number of deaths due to political violence recorded in August increased by 29 percent compared to July.

The Conflict Analysis Resource Center reported that threats continue to be the predominant form of political violence in Colombia in 2019: 47 percent of incidents were threats (104 out of 222).

Candidates to the regional and local elections of October 27 continued to face high risks to their lives, mainly in rural areas of municipalities where there are disputes between armed groups, explained the report.

The organization explained that the northern Andean region of Cauca is an area where many different armed groups operate, which dispute control of illicit crops and drug routes to the Pacific.

The Ombudsman's Office stressed earlier this week that 36 percent of Colombian municipalities are at electoral risk due to the presence of illegal armed groups.

'Every day and a half there is a violent act taking place somewhere in this country. Thirty-five days after completing the registration of candidates, there have been 24 acts of violence against political leader candidates for next October's elections: five murders, one attack, one kidnapping and 10 threats,' it stated.

The elections will take place on October 27 to elect governors for Colombia's 32 departments, as well as deputies of Departmental Assemblies, mayors of 1,99 municipalities, municipal councilors and council members of Local Administrative Boards.

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