Greenpeace demands Urgent Plan to Stop Fires in the Amazon
South America.

Greenpeace demands Urgent Plan to Stop Fires in the Amazon

Bogota, Sep 6 (Prensa Latina) From the Colombian city of Leticia (south), where a presidential summit is currently being held on the Amazon, the environmental NGO Greenpeace demanded an urgent, fast and comprehensive plan to stop fires in the region.

Greenpeace staged a protest on one of the banks of the Amazon River along with a hundred representatives of local communities with the message 'Bolsonaro, save the Amazon,' in reference to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, criticized for his sluggish response to fires that have devastated several tens of thousands of hectares of vegetation in that area.

'We have come here to show presidents the global concern that exists about what is happening in the Amazon and send a special message to the Bolsonaro government. The message and urgency is as simple as it is complex: either they act fast or we will have an Amazon turned to ashes,' underscored Silvia Gomez, director of Greenpeace Colombia.

The environmental organization warned that the situation, far from being overcome, remains alarming. In fact, the initial figures of 700,000 hectares burned during August have greatly increased and already reached 2.5 million hectares.

This Friday's meeting, which is held at the headquarters of the National University in Leticia, seeks to foster a space for regional dialogue to advance the protection and sustainable use of the Amazon region, which is essential for the survival of the planet, according to information released by the the Colombian government.

In addition to Colombian President Ivan Duque, his counterparts from Peru, Martin Vizcarra, from Ecuador, Lenin Moreno and from Bolivia, Evo Morales, will be present.

Bolsonaro, who will not be able to travel to Leticia for medical reasons, will participate in the meeting through videoconferencing.

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