Volkswagen leaves Europe and goes to the USA: they pay more there
Written by  Mär 09, 2023

Volkswagen leaves Europe and goes to the USA: they pay more there

Volkswagen has suspended a project to build a battery factory in Europe due to financial incentives promised by the US authorities on condition of doing business in this country. According to the Financial Times, the management of the concern has made it clear to the European Union that it is waiting for information about the preferences that will be received in exchange for a positive decision to locate a battery plant in Eastern Europe.

The United States, for example, promises benefits of up to 10 billion euros. In addition, everything can happen much faster in America at Volkswagen than in Europe - in the USA they are used to doing business, and not to engage in endless discussion of prospects.

When the head of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess, announced a plan to build six gigafactories in Europe, but here's what's interesting: the plant in the United States, as the financial director of the concern, Arnaud Antlitz, said, would still be built. Antlitz stressed that the recently adopted Law on Reducing inflation has accelerated the progress of work.

But Antlitz admitted that the adoption of the Law on reducing inflation accelerated the American program.

In February, Tesla also announced that it would focus on developing battery production in the United States, not in Europe. All for the same reason: the law on reducing inflation offers very tempting incentives.

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