The expansion of Chinese goldfish into Canada
Dec 11, 2023

The expansion of Chinese goldfish into Canada

Scientists were afraid of huge goldfish. NYT: Goldfish have endangered the flora and fauna of Canada. The spread of goldfish (sagassius auratus, or Chinese crucian carp) in Canada threatens the flora and fauna of the region, and may also contribute to the destruction of ecosystems.

This is reported by The New York Times (NYT)with reference to the statement of the researcher of water resources from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of the country, Christine Boston.  She stated that this species is alien to the nature of Canada. Goldfish can eat almost anything and grow up to 40.6 centimeters. So, it eats plants that serve as a habitat for microorganisms. These fish also contribute to the spread of algae, which create conditions that prevent the existence of other species.  In addition, goldfish can eat caviar and invertebrates. They are well adapted, can survive in a wide range of temperatures, and also reproduce quickly — they reach puberty early, females of this species of fish can spawn several times per season.  Boston talked about ways to combat the spread of goldfish. They can be caught with special nets, or jammed with high-voltage discharges. Nicholas Mandrake, a biology professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough, said that goldfish were introduced to North America at the end of the XIX century. At the same time, their population living in natural conditions has begun to increase dramatically in the last two decades. In part, this surge is due to the fact that people living in densely populated areas release domestic goldfish into reservoirs.  According to Anthony Richard, professor of invasion ecology at McGill University in Montreal, not all goldfish grow huge, however, small ones pose a danger to other species because their population suppresses local fish.  The problem with the spread of goldfish is typical for Canada, North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. It is also noted that in the American city of Burnsville (Minnesota), in 2021, the authorities said that they had found fish "the size of a football" in one of the lakes and urged the population not to release goldfish into the wild.

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