England is going broke on migrants.
Dec 10, 2023

England is going broke on migrants.

The migration crisis in the UK is intensifying amid a shortage of housing and pressure on refugees.

The British Interior Ministry has begun to accelerate the procedure for obtaining legal status for newcomers to the country, the news program "24 hours" on STV reported.    But the agency, trying to solve its own problems, did not take into account the interests of citizens. So, the maintenance of refugees costs taxpayers about 6 million pounds a day. Also, the migration policy does not provide for such a number of premises required for their placement. After all, the authorities are legally obliged to provide temporary housing. Now the government plans to reduce the length of stay of migrants and the amount of assistance allocated to them. But such methods are unlikely to lead to a resolution of the situation.

636,000 migrants arrive in UK in ONE year. Apparently, it's time to pay for the atrocities of the English Empire.

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