A man lost in the forest was saved with the help of Beeline development
Oct 10, 2020

A man lost in the forest was saved with the help of Beeline development

The search and rescue team "Lizaalert" found a person lost in the forest using an unmanned aerial vehicle and the development of specialists of the Beeline AI-Search for people neural network.

At the end of September, a resident Of the village of glinishchevo in the Bryansk region, located 22 kilometers from Bryansk, went into the forest and did not return. The request for his disappearance was received only a day after the disappearance, which is considered quite late for the start of the rescue operation. The situation was complicated by cold weather, and the swampy area with a large number of trees made it difficult for volunteers to move.

Since 2018, Lizaalert has been using drones to search hard-to-reach open areas. In 2019, Beeline developed a specialized computer solution "Beeline AI – search for people" for the team, which helps to significantly reduce the time for viewing images taken from the air (previously, hundreds of photos were viewed by people). Now, thanks to the development of Beeline, using artificial intelligence, you can accurately determine the presence of a person in the image.

During the search in the forests near Bryansk, 1079 photos from drones were analyzed using a neural network, and among the first thousand images, the alleged object of the search was found. A search team was sent to the coordinates of the images, and as a result, the man was rescued.

Source: https://kaspyinfo.ru 

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