"Anger awoke the fire": how trauma saved Medvedeva
Mar 23, 2019

"Anger awoke the fire": how trauma saved Medvedeva

The newly minted world champion in figure skating Alina Zagitova in Saitama gathered the "Grand slam" (gold of the Grand Prix final, European championship, world championship and Olympic Games).

The student of Eteri Tutberidze won both programs, not tearing any one item. In tears, she left the ice, such as with her in this difficult season was not as often as desired.After the competition Zagitova did not hide her joy and thanked everyone around — including Japanese fans who passionately supported her. 

"I want to say a huge thank you to my coaches and everyone who helped me in difficult moments. And of course, thank you very much to all the spectators who came to support us. It means a lot to me, " Alina said on the air of the First channel."My relatives and friends who supported me helped me a lot. I want to say a huge thank you to them. I knew I would be warmly welcomed in Japan. It's just a crazy audience that supports unreal simply and helps to jump, " she added.Interestingly, 16-year-old Zagitova became the youngest figure skater in the last 20 years, which managed to win the world Cup and the Olympics in women's singles skating. In 1998, American Tara Lipinsky won the Nagano Olympics at the age of 15. A year earlier, she had won the world championship in Lausanne."A heavy medal, and it was hard for me. Thanks to the team that she put up with me. And it turned out a good result. To the last kept himself in good shape. I still have a demonstration, but then you can eat anything. And then ahead of the show in Japan, " - said the champion.Eteri Tutberidze, who accompanied not only Zagitova, but also Elizabeth Tursynbayeva at the tournament, was laconic in the usual manner. According to the reaction in the kiss and cry zone, it might seem that she was even more happy for the Kazakh athlete than for Zagitova, but, according to her, she worried equally strongly for all her students."I was very excited. Very worried. I believed that gold, already when Alina went to the track, in the final of the program. Each element needs to finish and dokatyvayutsya, — told in television Tutberidze. We're very happy. Harder to give - more valued. We will go now not only has sushi — let's eat everything."A lot of emotions and splashed Yevgeny Medvedev, who not only talked about the way passed from the failures of this season to the bronze world Cup, but also told that he acted in an arbitrary program with a hip injury. This was evident when she left the ice after an arbitrary program, noticeably limping."A lot has been passed, and, however, today I am proud of myself, proud of my team, — quotes the words of Evgenia"RIA Novosti". 

- Yes, it is this pain, anger awakened in me the fire, and this the fire gave me energy, to endure physically. Me truth was difficult physically, even morally not so difficult. Moral — a little forgotten where and what they are doing. I guess it's good and so should you.At the six-minute warm-up, I must have pulled my hip. But I'm sure we'll get through this, because I have a show starting soon. But it was this pain that gave me the strength to go further," Medvedeva said.Told about his speech and Sophia Samodurova, who took eighth place, skated almost without errors, which allowed Russia to maintain a quota of three athletes in women's skating at the next world Cup. The result of a failure student of Alexei Mishin definitely can not be named because she performed all of the claimed elements. Initially it was clear that its program is not designed to fight for medals in terms of complexity, but its minimum it is exactly fulfilled. 

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