Expert: "knock down" Russia sanctions failed, the stage of bargaining begins
Apr 06, 2019

Expert: "knock down" Russia sanctions failed, the stage of bargaining begins

Washington believes that Moscow violates WTO rules, and will seek Russia's removal of a number of trade restrictions, according to the report of the us trade representative.

Expert Alexei Zubets on radio Sputnik suggested that is behind these accusations. Washington believes that Moscow systematically violates the rules of the world trade organization, follows from the report of the us trade representative on the implementation of Russia's obligations under the WTO.In particular, it States that Russia is moving away from the rules of open markets, which prevents the export of American goods and services."Import of goods to Russia remains a difficult task. The United States continues to closely monitor the implementation of Russia's obligations on duties, but not duty measures, apparently, create the biggest obstacles to trade," the document says.The rules of localization of production, some taxes and fees, requirements of phytosanitary control were criticized. In addition, the authors are dissatisfied with the rules of export from Russia."Russia maintains a list of so-called important products that can be subject to export restrictions," the authors of the document write, adding that they are ready to demand from the WTO "coercive actions" if necessary.Vice-rector of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Alexei Zubets on radio Sputnik noted that the accusations against Russia are not true."In fact, Russia does not violate any WTO rules. The WTO excludes from its area of responsibility political and security-related restrictions. Therefore, when we are accused that we, introducing counter-sanctions in response to Western sanctions, limit the export of American products to Russia, from the point of view of the WTO, it does not play any role, because the WTO does not interfere in such conflicts," — said Alexei Zubets.He explained why, in his opinion, American representatives put forward such demands to the Russian Federation."(US President Donald. — Primas'. ed.) trump — "economic man." He spent his entire life in business and won the election because of what he promised his voters — the middle and lower middle class of the United States — economic achievements, and he achieved them. And he achieved them through pressure on partners — Europe and China, forcing them to buy more American goods. And today, I think, the main goals of the us administration are not political, but economic, because trump will seek to be re-elected for a second term. And for that he needs not political conflict and war, it is necessary that the whole world was buying American products. And the economic benefits that the US and other countries want to receive from cooperation with Russia will become increasingly important for them. "To bring down" Russia with the help of economic sanctions failed, begins the stage of bargaining, and for the right of access to the Russian market, our country can get some bonuses," — said Alexei Zubets. At the end of March 2018, the US imposed import duties on the supply of steel in the amount of 25 percent and aluminum — ten percent, including from Russia.Moscow, along with several other countries, appealed the decision. A special arbitration group has been established in the WTO.Also, as a response, since August 5 last year, Russia has introduced new rates of import duties on a number of American goods. Thus, duties on imports of certain types of transport for the transportation of goods, construction and road equipment, oil and gas equipment, tools for metal processing and drilling of rocks, optical fiber have increased. Rates range from 25 to 40 percent.

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