In Russia began to produce more caviar
Nov 30, 2019

In Russia began to produce more caviar

In 2019, the production of caviar increased in Russia. This may be due to previous investments in sturgeon farms, as well as the processing of imported products from China and Uruguay.

As reported on November 30, RBC, this follows from the data of Rosstat, published on the website of Rosrybolovstvo. 

In January–September of this year, Russian aquaculture farms produced 32.7 tons of sturgeon caviar, which is 23.3% more than last year.

At the same time salmon caviar was produced less. In the first eight months of this year, this product has made 16,2 thousand tons, writes "the Newspaper.roo»

German Zverev, President of the all-Russian Association of fisheries enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters, explains the growth of black caviar production by the fact that aquaculture farms began to grow more sturgeon species. There are about 80 such farms in Russia. They are located mainly in the Volga-Caspian and Azov-black sea basins. According to Zverev, production will continue to grow.

However, another expert, the President of the Union of sturgeon Alexander Novikov, believes that the production of caviar in Russia is not growing, but rather falling. He suggests that the increase could be due to repackaging of imported caviar, which unscrupulous producers buy in China and Uruguay, and then sell under the guise of domestic. At the same time, Novikov agrees that there are more fisheries enterprises. Investors are willing to invest in small farms.

As for the official statistics on the import of caviar, in the three quarters of 2019 Russia imported from other countries about 5 tons of sturgeon caviar, which is 2.5 times less than in the same period last year.

On October 31, it was reported that the national brand of fishing products Russian Fish will appear in Russia. The main idea is to position the fish of domestic production in each region of the world under a common brand.

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