Kama-1: what the new Oka will look like»
Nov 27, 2020

Kama-1: what the new Oka will look like»

The Kama-1 project, which will become the ideological successor to the legendary Oka, continues to grow in detail. Let's recall the background. The reincarnation of the " Oki "called" Kama-1 " will be a four-seat three-door hatchback on electric traction. The machine is distinguished by a supporting base, on which a tubular frame is built, covered with plastic panels.

The car was designed by an organization called "competence Center of NTI Spbpu New production technologies", and the customer was PJSC"KAMAZ".

They make the Kama-1 much faster than we expected. In just a week, the testing of the prototype will be completed! But the future prospects of the model are not very clear, because KAMAZ is not ready to place the production of electric vehicles at its facilities:

- at the moment, there are no plans to organize the production of passenger electric vehicles at KAMAZ, - the representative of the auto giant commented on the situation.

Meanwhile, for the release of new products need quite serious capacity. As it became known to the portal "Avtovzglyad", it is planned to make about 20,000 cars a year — you can't collect such a circulation on your knee. Will a new plant be built for this project?

If you sell hatchbacks less than stated, the price will increase: now it is assumed that it should be 1,000,000 rubles. And it is the place of Assembly that is the first and main problem of ambitious development.

By the way, we call the "Kama" a hatchback, although the creators themselves claim their development as a "compact urban smart crossover of economy class". This is how the 3.4-meter-long baby is called because of its high ground clearance and short overhangs. But let's leave the controversy around terminology. It is much more important that the base battery will be only 33 kWh: when driving on the highway, it will last for 300 km, and in a city with energy consumers turned on (like a conditioner or heater) — 250.

So far, the battery is of "Asian origin". However, if the model reaches the stage of mass production, the electrical components, including the motor and battery, will be replaced with Russian analogues. And this statement of the question causes the most skeptical comments: "make", "replace", "find" — as long as the "smart crossover" exists in the future, it can not be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, they promise to show "Kama" to the public on December 10-11 at the VII annual national exhibition VUZPROMEXPO-2020. In the same place, the pre-production sample will be handed over to the project's industrial partner, KAMAZ. And, apparently, the residents of Naberezhnye Chelny will have to determine the future prospects of the model.

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