Measles outbreak all over the world. What measures are taken in different countries
Mar 28, 2019

Measles outbreak all over the world. What measures are taken in different countries

There is a major outbreak of measles worldwide. Why is this happening and how is the spread of measles fought in different countries?

There is a major outbreak of measles worldwide. On Wednesday, a state of emergency was declared in one of the us States, Ukraine has a record number of cases over the past 10 years, cases of infection since the beginning of the year have been registered in Russia, including in the Moscow maternity hospital and in the HSE.

A state of emergency in the United StatesIn the state of new York in connection with the outbreak of measles declared a state of emergency. October in the County of Rockland was 153 cases infected with measles out of a population of 300 thousand people.

The authorities imposed a fine of $ 500 and a prison term of up to six months for the appearance of an unvaccinated person in public places. Over the next 30 days minor, has not made vaccinated, forbidden to appear unaccompanied in schools, shopping malls, restaurants and places of worship. This decision was made in the Wake of outbreaks in Washington, California, Texas and Illinois.

"We won't discuss it, don't come again»In recent years, the number of vaccinations in the United States has been steadily declining. Parents refuse vaccinations for philosophical or religious reasons or because of false beliefs that vaccinations provoke serious complications.

Many of the cases in Rockland, according to The New York Times, belong to ultra-Orthodox communities in which more than 6 thousand children are not vaccinated. Over the past six months, more than 17,000 vaccinations have been carried out, but this has not helped to stop the spread of the infection.

Rockland chief ed day called it a "health crisis." He said that American doctors meet resistance from local residents, calling it "unacceptable and irresponsible»:

When health workers came to the homes of the infected, they were told: "We will not discuss it, do not come again.The editor of the local newspaper Rockland County Times Dylan Skriloff said in an interview with "Bi-bi-si" that the first cases of infection were registered six months ago, and since then the number of cases among the local population is growing steadily, despite attempts by the authorities to encourage the religious community to immunization:

Among the younger generation in religious communities vaccinated about 50-60%, but this is not enough.Measles outbreak in EuropeThe number of measles cases in Europe in 2018 reached a record for the last 10 years. According to the world health organization, in 2018 in Europe 72 people died of measles, more than 82 thousand people were infected. Cases have been reported in 47 of 53 European countries. In most cases, patients had to be hospitalized.

The most serious situation is observed in Ukraine, where in 2018 there were more than 53 thousand cases of measles — this is more than in all other European countries combined.During the first two months of 2019, more than 20 thousand people fell ill, nine people died. More than half of the cases are children.

The strongest outbreaks were noted in Lviv, Vinnytsia, Rivne and Khmelnitsky regions, as well as in Kiev. In the Lviv region, where the most unvaccinated children, since February, working teams on immunization. Since February 1 in Lviv schools doctors vaccinated more than 18 thousand children aged six to 18 years. Vaccinations are made only with the consent of the parents.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine notes: to improve the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country, it is necessary that at least 90% of the population were vaccinated.

How are things in Russia?In Russia, the number of measles cases varies from year to year, the most serious outbreaks were observed in 2012-2014 and 2018. Over the past year, 2538 people fell ill — almost 20 times more than in 2010.

Since the beginning of 2019, cases of measles have been registered in Moscow, Dagestan and the Vladimir region. One of the last cases was recorded in the maternity ward number 1 of the Moscow state clinical hospital named after A. K. Eramishantsev. According to the hospital, the mother hid from the doctors the fact that her eldest son is sick with measles, thus exposing at least 100 patients and 40 newborns to the threat of infection. The office is temporarily closed for carrying out anti-epidemic work, the employees of the hospital are quarantined.

In February, a case of measles infection of a student of the Higher school of Economics was also registered in Moscow, after which more than 500 employees and students were urgently vaccinated.

In connection with the increasing incidence of diseases Rospotrebnadzor has strengthened sanitary control at the border and made a decision on additional immunization of the population. Chief sanitary doctor of St. Petersburg Natalia Bashkatova made the order not to accept in kindergartens and schools of children not vaccinated against measles and not have suffered the disease. Bashkatova also proposed to introduce disciplinary measures for physicians who mistakenly put the diagnosis of "SARS" instead of measles.

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