Russia increases the supply of processed fish to Japan and China
Jan 23, 2021

Russia increases the supply of processed fish to Japan and China

RRPC has signed a number of new contracts for the supply of deep processing products to China and Japan. Russian Fishing Company (RRPC) has signed a number of new contracts for the export of high-value-added products.

As reported On January 21, the company's press service reported that the first contract for the supply of pollock fillets to China in the amount of 700 tons was signed in 2020. In 2021, another contract for the supply of 1,000 tons was signed, and an agreement on the supply of 2,500 tons of fillets is being prepared for conclusion. In addition, in January 2021, the first 600 tons of pollock fillets were contracted for the Japanese market. In total, RRPC plans to supply at least 5,000 tons of fillets to the Asian region by 2022.

According to Maxim Klyushin, head of the Department of strategic development, marketing and sales support of RRPC, the company aims to significantly increase the share of products with high added value, reduce the supply of used pollock (decapitated) for the production of secondary frozen products and develop new markets for fillet and surimi. By the end of 2021, the share of raw meat sent to the production of sea-frozen fillets and surimi should be more than 50% of the total catch.

RRPC is also increasing its presence in the Russian market of deep processing products. In 2020, about 1,000 tons of fillets were delivered to Russia. In 2021-2022, deliveries are planned to increase to the level of 5,000 tons per year.

RRPC plans to start production of surimi in 2021. During the year, it is planned to produce 4-5 thousand tons of this product, in 2022 – about 20 thousand tons.

The release of surimi will be carried out on new trawlers. As part of the investment quota program, it is planned to build 10 large freezing trawlers of the ST-192 project in Russia. The first vessel "Vladimir Limanov" was built in 2020 in Turkey under the project ST-192. Ten similar trawlers of the ST-192 project are to be built under the investment quota program at the Admiralty Shipyards. The first two Russian trawlers, the Kapitan Vdovichenko and the Mechanic Maslak, are due to be delivered to the customer in 2021.

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