The first supercomputer was created on the basis of "Elbrus" processors
Jun 03, 2019

The first supercomputer was created on the basis of "Elbrus" processors

The conference CIPR-2019 (Digital industry industrial Russia - 2019) the Rostec Concern "Automatics" admitted that on a couple of "INEUM them. I. S. Brook" (also part of this large family) and the group of companies "RSK" developed the first supercomputer on the Russian 8-core microprocessors "Elbrus-8S".

This machine is designed for the organization of high-performance computing, processing of "big data" and solving problems that require the maximum level of information security.

The supercomputer solution consists of racks containing compact four-processor liquid-cooled blade servers. This method of heat dissipation allowed to reduce the size of the module, which makes it possible to place up to 153 computing nodes in one server rack. And so their total computing power is up to 75 teraflops double precision - one rack can perform up to 75 trillion floating point operations per second. At the same time, the total power of the supercomputer is practically unlimited, since the racks can be combined into a single computing cluster.

Each core of the eight-core microprocessor "Elbrus-8S" with the domestic architecture "Elbrus" is able to perform up to 25 operations per clock cycle. Processor architecture allows you to significantly increase the performance of applications by optimizing them.

By the way, the main difference between our it systems is primarily a high level of information security. "Elbrus" is guaranteed not to contain "bookmarks" that allow you to remotely affect the operation of the system and illegally remove information. All this allows us to use our supercomputer in sensitive areas related to the processing of confidential information. In addition, a distinctive feature of the developed supercomputer is high energy efficiency. Its cooling consumes less than 6% of all electricity consumed. And the design uses an integrated rack-level monitoring system and proprietary power management algorithms that increase energy efficiency and fault tolerance.

As a summary, "Supercomputer from the Concern "Automatics" is a cost-effective, reliable and very powerful solution that can be used in areas such as mathematical modeling for industry, medicine; big data processing, implementation of scientific calculations; also for neural network computing and other areas where performance, energy efficiency and high computing power are important.

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