Wound super healer: from worms and spiders
Mar 25, 2019

Wound super healer: from worms and spiders

Once upon a time in the USSR spread a beautiful bio-glue healing cuts and wounds: BF-6, based on synthetic resins.

Now it is not produced on a mass scale. And very for good reason, because wounds and cuts emerge, and simple iodine and Zelenka with a band-aid not always will help. In addition, scars – they remain for a long time, and it is very few of the victims like. And so, scientists of the Institute of molecular biology of the RAS, found something-wound healing gel that does not leave scars. The new BF-6 or BF-2? No-according to the CP.ru, gel represents innovative development-an extract from proteins of a spider (more precisely its web) and a silkworm. They made a solution of cobwebs, from it – suspension (colloidal solution of solid particles in the liquid). And injected it into the skin of experimental mice. It turned out that mouse with gel had scars from wounds at times less than normal, and do the mouse with gel was stronger than ever. That is, this gel also increases immunity. Similar work is carried out at the faculty of Biology of Moscow state University, where they study material from African spiders, in particular the Madagascar gold group. Gel based on it, or its gene copy, supports cell growth and heals wounds without traces. Silkworm threads are used by physicians for stitching organs during operations. We haven't dealt with spiders yet. And in vain-these drugs, according to the developers, will be cheap and affordable.

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