Puppy delight from the collection of Elena Brezhneva at fashion Week in Moscow
Apr 01, 2019

Puppy delight from the collection of Elena Brezhneva at fashion Week in Moscow

Impeccably stylish men's bows, professional Actresses, show dogs and theatrical show – this formula for a successful show was chosen by the designer Elena Brezhneva in the season A/W 2019-20 fashion Week in Moscow.

The demanding audience no longer perceives the usual shows with boring penetrations of models, and one of the tools for heating interest in the collections is the non-standard production of fashion shows. One of the most discussed presentations of fashion Week collections in Moscow was a theatrical show of Elena Brezhneva brand.

The models were integrated into theatrical sketches illustrating the daily life of a potential owner of bows from the designer. Stylish, high-status, confident male, leading is serious business, a crucial global issues, he always delivers, he always looks flawless and goes up over time, trusting your wardrobe professionals – this way modern man has created Elena Brezhnev, inviting the resident of the bustling metropolis style sport-chic.

Three professional Actresses – Anastasia Bikeeva, Zoe Mansurov and Anastasiya Toropova, opened the show: the girls were accompanied by business men, playing the role of the assistants - offering a choice of stylish hats from Lia Gureeva, the products from Cayman Brothers, helping papers to sign, bills to pay.

The theatricalization of the action created an atmosphere of life of a business person, whose schedule is full of negotiations, working meetings and flights. The idea of the fashion show belongs to the actors of the Studio Theater 15 Oleg Sanko and Vladislav Gorbov, who together with the permanent Director of the shows Elena Brezhneva – Gleb Nazarenko, brought the idea to life.

The feature of the show, which caused a special delight, were the exhibition dogs of the elite kennel LOVELY FROM BORDO. Tibetan mastiffs, Chinese Chongqing and Royal Corgi, not inferior to the professional gait of models, walked along the catwalk, posing in front of the camera lenses.

Stylized fashion-bows collection professional image maker and stylist - Olga Semak.

Designer Elena Brezhneva presented 30 bows in the style of sports-chic coats, tweed jackets, trench coats, blazers, pants - her models combine conflicting colors and fabrics, but bright accents do not violate the rigor and status of the image, but only allow you to highlight the individual style and sense of taste – this is the recognizable style of the designer, beloved by fashion connoisseurs.

The main material used is natural wool, which is combined with leather, corduroy, suede and other fabrics imported from Italy and England. Spectacular color combinations reflect a palette of trendy shades with British authentic color combinations, reflecting the essence of the classic tweed.

Saturated-black, terracotta, sand-beige, deep gray and bright blue – the main colors of the collection offered for the autumn-winter designer men's clothing Elena Brezhneva.

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