Russian cuisine conquers the middle East
Jun 18, 2020

Russian cuisine conquers the middle East

In the Arab world, there is a growing interest in borscht and sour cream. The number of Russian restaurants in the middle East has doubled over the past five years. Our dumplings and kulebyaki are the most popular among the residents of the UAE.

So in the Emirate of Dubai there are more than 25 establishments offering to taste these dishes. Interest in Russian cuisine is growing not only in the already familiar vacation countries of Russians in this region, but also in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and even Iran. In Iran, there is an increased interest in Russian sweets. According to TripAdvisor and Foursquare websites, there are about 60 establishments with Russian cuisine in the middle East region. This is twice as much as it was in 2014. Abroad, Russian cuisine includes traditional dishes of the peoples of the former USSR, including shashlik, manti, and even pilaf. Our pancakes and pies are most popular among Syrians who studied in the USSR or in Russia, as well as among students who study Russian. Syrians are warm to our country and our language, so the demand for Russian cuisine in the country will grow.Russian Russian cuisine is also popular in neighboring Lebanon, mainly among graduates of Russian and Soviet universities, as well as among Arabs who have married Russian girls. Lebanon is home to approximately 20 thousand graduates of Russian or Soviet universities, but there is only one restaurant serving Russian cuisine in the entire country. Lebanese cuisine is considered one of the most widely spread in the world and it is difficult to compete with it. Local residents especially liked sour cream and other dairy products from Russia. It is possible that molochka will become the flagship of the Russian "delicious force" in the region and will be able to make a strong statement on the Lebanese market.In Egypt, the closest Arab country to a Russian tourist, the number of Russian restaurants has decreased significantly in recent years. In the resort areas of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh, Russian restaurants can be counted on the fingers. In cities outside of tourist areas, there are almost no places where you can taste Russian food now.Russian Russian restaurants do not prevent the widespread love of Russian dishes among the Egyptians, the food is prepared at home. The Arabs love our cuisine, especially the pancakes. But Russian sweets are especially popular among Iranians. There is only one restaurant in Tehran that offers Russian cuisine. The kitchen is still not quite familiar to them. In Jordan, Russian dumplings are the most popular.There is only one restaurant in Amman that serves Russian cuisine. There are 30-50 clients a day.When the locals found out that you can add sour cream to the dumplings, it was a big discovery for them. Russian cuisine often wins out. The Arab waiters know the names of all Russian dishes by heart and can tell you in Arabic what borsch or Olivier is made of.There are many similarities between Russian and Arabic cuisines. For example, a hearty three-or four-course meal.

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