Blow to the vaccine: the US imposed sanctions against two research institutes from Of Russia
Sep 23, 2020

Blow to the vaccine: the US imposed sanctions against two research institutes from Of Russia

The us authorities decided to impose sanctions on two research institutes of the Ministry of defense. Washington suspects that the organizations were working on chemical and biological weapons.

Recently, specialists from research institutes have been developing and testing a coronavirus vaccine. In Russia, they believe that this indicates the loss of "prestigious American science". The document includes two Russian research institutes of the Ministry of defense, according to the website of the American trade Department. The document of the Bureau of industry and security was published on the website of the Federal register.Restrictions were imposed against the 33rd Central research and testing Institute, the 48th Central research Institute in Kirov, Sergiev Posad and Yekaterinburg, as well as the state research Institute of organic chemistry and technology subordinate to the Ministry of industry and trade. Two months earlier, the 48th Central research Institute tested the Russian coronavirus vaccine for toxicity, safety, immunogenicity and protective effectiveness. The head of the Gamalei medical center, where the drug was developed, expressed gratitude to the management and staff of the Institute of the Ministry of defense for fruitful joint work.The us authorities considered that the work of research organizations contradicts the interests of national security or US foreign policy. The companies will be officially added to the sanctions list on Thursday, August 27.If the us authorities impose sanctions on research institutes, it will mean that they are opposed to the export, re-export and transfer of goods of these institutions to individuals and organizations.According to the us Bureau, the US authorities have reason to believe that the 33rd Central research Institute and Gosniioht are associated with the Russian program for the development and testing of chemical weapons. Washington also claims that the 48th Central research Institute and its branches participated in the biological weapons program.Earlier, Russian Senator Oleg Morozov explained to RIA Novosti that Washington thus showed its loss in the development of a coronavirus vaccine."The United States is waging war against the Russian vaccine in two directions: on the one hand, it is a question of the prestige of American science, which once again lost to us and now covers its defeat with sanctions, and on the other — a naked calculation, namely, to close Western markets for our vaccine," Morozov is sure.He believes that this time the US has miscalculated: despite the closed Western markets, the drug, which was developed in Russia, will be in demand in other countries."For many States, the fight against the consequences of the pandemic will be a priority, which means that the Russian vaccine will be in demand, regardless of sanctions," the Senator said.According to Morozov, the new sanctions indicate an increase in political paranoia in the United States. "But this "disease" by a strange coincidence is necessarily connected with American economic interests. For example, sanctions against Nord stream 2 smell bad with American shale gas, "RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.The spread of the coronavirus began in December last year. The first cases of infection were recorded in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan. Then a new type of virus "went" to other countries. South Korea, Italy, Iran, as well as a number of European countries suffered the most at first.As soon as the spread of the virus began to progress, scientists began to think about creating a vaccine against the virus. Russian specialists have already registered their drug. It became the world's first vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19. It was developed by specialists of the Gamalei RESEARCH center. The vaccine will be produced together with the Russian direct investment Fund. 

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