Rostec has assembled a base station for 5G
Sep 23, 2020

Rostec has assembled a base station for 5G

Rostec presented the first domestic base station of the fifth-generation mobile communication network. The station was developed by Kryptonite.

The presentation was held as part of the V conference "Digital industry of industrial Russia" (CIPR-2020). So far, this is a prototype, and it will be possible to launch it into industrial production only in three years, the company said.

The development and commissioning of the production line of equipment for the construction of 5G communication networks will require about 40 billion rubles, according to the roadmap for the development of the technology. Rostec explained that the base stations operate at frequencies that are the "gold standard" for 5G: 3.4–3.6 GHz. They operate at low power and indoors, so it doesn't interfere with other equipment operating in this range. 

The 3.4–3.8 GHz band is technologically optimal for covering large cities. However, it is occupied by means of communication of various state structures, and mobile operators have not yet been able to agree on its use.

According to the draft decision of the state Commission on radio frequencies (gcrf), operators plan to oblige to build 5G cellular networks in the so–called millimeter band (24.25-24.5 GHz) only on domestic equipment included in the Unified register of Russian radio-electronic products.

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