Russia's participation in the ISS is questionable
Oct 04, 2022

Russia's participation in the ISS is questionable

Roscosmos said that a decision on Russia's further participation in the ISS project could be made in 2023. Sergey Krikalev, Executive Director of the Roscosmos State Corporation for Manned Space Programs, said that a decision on extending Russia's participation in the ISS project, the agreement on the operation of which expires in 2024, may be made next year. He said this during a NASA teleconference dedicated to the SpaceX Crs-5 mission, broadcast on the agency's website.

According to Krikalev, Russia will continue to use the station until 2024.According to him, he is aware that NASA has already made this decision, and other international partners are preparing to do it. At the same time, he noted that Roscosmos is beginning to discuss the extension of participation in the ISS program with the government of the Russian Federation."I hope that we will get permission to continue [participation] next year," Krikalev said, answering a journalist's question.He stressed that Russia is thinking about developing and creating its own space station, but this will not happen quickly.The Russian Federation will continue to fly to the ISS until a new infrastructure appears, "which will allow maintaining a human presence at least in low orbit," the executive director of the state corporation added.Earlier, NASA stated that they expect to continue the program of cross-flights of Russia and the United States.

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