Tambov scientists have created a program for accurate recognition of breast cancer
Mar 07, 2020

Tambov scientists have created a program for accurate recognition of breast cancer

Scientists at Tambov state technical University (TSTU) have created an artificial intelligence that can recognize breast cancer on x-ray images.

The software package analyzes x-ray images obtained during mammography of patients and divides them into risk groups: with suspected malignant tumors, benign neoplasms and safe ones. "The software package developed by us helps to diagnose breast tumors based on the analysis of x-ray images of patients received during mammography. Images that enter the computer are automatically read using special artificial intelligence algorithms and divided into three groups within two minutes: those with suspected malignant neoplasms, benign neoplasms, and images that do not reveal anything. Accordingly, the amount of work of a radiologist and an oncologist for analyzing images is reduced by a third, " said Vladimir Alekseev, a Professor at TSTU and one of the project developers. According to the world health organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women.Tambov scientists note that the program allows you to analyze images as accurately as possible and reduces the probability of missing a dangerous disease to zero. According to the developers of the program, tests of the complex on patients have already proved its effectiveness. The new development of TSTU scientists is able to analyze not only mammographic images, but also the results of other x-ray studies, such as fluorography, as well as brain tomograms. The program is able to quickly and accurately identify any suspicious blackouts in images and help doctors diagnose dangerous diseases in time. Since 2014, work on a project to create artificial intelligence for high-quality cancer diagnosis has been carried out by scientists from the technical University in partnership with specialists from the Tambov regional cancer clinic. This partnership is stipulated by the government Decree of April 9, 2010. N 218, which is aimed at the development of high technologies with the cooperation of scientific organizations, universities and industrial partners who are directly interested in the modernization of specific processes and their subsequent implementation. In this case, the exact task was formulated by oncologists themselves. For 1.5 years, the technology was tested on the basis of the oncological center. As a result, the development was recognized as successful by specialists of the Tambov regional oncological clinical dispensary AND is now constantly used by them when diagnosing Oncology. Source: https://www.onlinetambov.ru 

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