Us economist predicts Russia will win the oil war in 2020
Mar 10, 2020

Us economist predicts Russia will win the oil war in 2020

The Russian Federation became a participant in the" great oil war " of 2020 due to the collapse of prices on the oil market and can win it.
Nicholas Gvozdev, an American economist and Professor at the us Naval war College, wrote about this assumption in an article for the National Interest. The Professor believes that by the end of the year, Russia will be able to fight back against the United States and establish relations with Saudi Arabia. The article also emphasizes that the Kremlin is ready to take all the risks of possible escalation in the confrontation with the United States in order to gain an advantage over Washington. Gvozdev calls Russia's advantages the country's ability to increase pipeline exports. In addition, the Russian budget can be fulfilled at much lower oil prices than the Saudi one. "It is important that the Saudis want to compete with Russia for market share in Europe... expensive American exports will be pushed out," Gvozdev said. One of the main drawbacks of American politicians, the expert calls the habit of loudly proclaiming their strategies for months or even years, giving their opponents enough time to prepare. He believes that in the future, Saudi Arabia may return to negotiations with Russia, but everything depends on the actions of the States. Thus, Moscow has a good chance of winning the oil war. "Thanks to a talented team from the Russian Ministry of Finance, the country has created a good cash reserve for a rainy day," he concludes.
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