The far Eastern company will send the first batch of carrots to Japan
Apr 10, 2019

The far Eastern company will send the first batch of carrots to Japan

Russian-Japanese company "Jay agro" will send the first batch of carrots grown and processed in Primorye to the land of the rising sun. According to the Director of the agricultural enterprise Sergey Dudnik, the trial export batch will consist of six varieties of frozen sliced carrots.

"Last year was the year of testing the crops of this vegetable in the experimental fields and the selection of those varieties that showed the quality that best meets the requirements in Japan, — said the head of the company. — This year, similar tests are planned for ten types of vegetables, including pumpkin, eggplant, onion, daikon and others."

The main difficulty faced by the joint venture is the insufficient legislative framework on both the Russian and Japanese sides. Efforts to agree on trade cooperation, often require unexpected expenses.

"In this regard, the support of exporters from the Russian state is extremely insufficient. It is necessary to change the regional program of development of agriculture and determine the level of financial support for exporters," — Said Sergey Dudnik.

Despite a number of difficulties, according to the results of trial deliveries, Jay agro will develop a long-term program of Russian-Japanese cooperation, which will determine the area of crops and the schedule of deliveries.

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