Bury marigolds in the autumn digging
Sep 16, 2019

Bury marigolds in the autumn digging

Marigolds, or Tagetes are known all over the world. They bloom until the first frost and have a bright aroma reminiscent of wormwood. The latter is not to everyone's liking, however, this is their feature. But thanks to her, they are popular as a means of pests in the garden.

What is the use of marigolds for the gardenAny soil, even the most fertile, in the process of long-term operation has the ability to Deplete and become very dense. At the same time it is not subject to digging. To solve this problem, it is proposed to use green fertilizers. It is based on the use of siderates. Tagetes fits perfectly. What exactly is it used for? There can be several goals:

Composting.As a mulch component.To create liquid fertilizer.To improve the structure of depleted soil.In the fight against pests and diseases of different cultures prepare a special solution based on Tagetes.With this treatment, the positive effect persists for many years.Now let's see how Tagetes bushes rid plants of pests:

Roots contain a large number of esters and negatively affect the reproduction of fungal colonies in the soil.It is also useful to plant Tagetes on the site where in the future it is planned to plant strawberries and countrymen. So you can scare off nematodes.If you plant marigolds next to potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes, you can forget about harmful insects.Not only that, planting have a disinfecting effect and neutralize the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, so even their smell repels pests.The use of growing or dried plants can enrich the earth with the necessary trace elements.Tagetes ' effectiveness in repelling extends to the onion fly and the cabbage white diurnal butterfly.If you want to once and for all get rid of aphids on shrubs and fruit plants, then plant under them marigold bushes. But do not overdo it with the number, otherwise you risk to suppress the growth and development of protected plants. Among other things, you can prepare a tincture of dried marigolds and spray it with plants. Prepare it is very simple: dry inflorescences, stems and leaves need to pour boiling water and insist for a while. This solution will enrich the microelement composition of the earth and prevent the reproduction of bacteria in it. Also, this tool is popular for the treatment and revival of rose bushes.

And that's not all the miraculous properties of marigolds. They can negatively affect the growth and spread of weeds. In their roots there is thiophene, which inhibits the development of horsetail and creeping Wheatgrass.

How to bury flowersTagetes is quite simple and unpretentious. To plant a colorful flower bed, you need to use a small amount of seedlings. Seed germination is good enough. Young shoots with a couple of leaves can be planted at night. However, the temperature should not be below 5 degrees.

It is necessary to observe the interval when planting, because the flowers grow very much. It should be equal to 25 cm.When the inflorescences fade, seeds fall out of them, which give new growth. The latter can be planted throughout the garden.

Bushes are not whimsical, do not require pruning. The only thing is to cut the faded inflorescences to Refine the appearance.In General, it is quite a valuable flower and in parallel is not inferior to others in beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to combine business with pleasure, because in addition to the appearance of the plant will protect against harmful insects.

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