The most intelligent cat
Oct 02, 2019

The most intelligent cat

Cats are very smart and cunning animals. Scientists have determined that cats and Kittens can not only understand causal relationships, to think abstractly, but also deliberately to outwit his master.

Below are 8 breeds of cats that are able to surprise with their intelligence and talents.Exotic catThese cute cats have an affectionate nature. They're wary of strangers. But if you have passed the test, the exotic will fully trust you and love the real cat love.British longhairCats of this breed are the best suited for families with young children. They are calm and patient, but they have an excellent memory and do not really like when someone touches their toys or a bowl for food.Abyssinian catAbyssinians are curious and intelligent. Wanting to participate in all household chores, they poke their noses everywhere. Slippers they you, of course, will not bring, but the abandoned toy or ball — easily.Bengal catVery naughty, sociable cats. They love water and can splash wherever possible.BirmanThese are calm and graceful cats that love to bask in the arms of man. They are very playful but will never interfere with the owner, if he's busy.Maine coonLarge and beautiful Maine coons are not only friendly, but also very smart. They quickly get used to the leash, and they can be taught to follow simple commands.The Singapura catThese are calm, intelligent, docile cats, which have absolutely no aggression towards people. They are very attached to all family members.SavannahSmart cats of this rare and expensive breed can be trained. They like to play "Aport" and ride in a car. And if you live at home dog with her they certainly will make friends. It is reported by Rambler. Next:

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