Wild, wild beast: hybrid cat breeds
Mar 28, 2019

Wild, wild beast: hybrid cat breeds

Wild cats can be watched endlessly, but it is better to do it at a distance: to keep such houses at least inhumane, as dangerous as possible.

Mini-version of wild cats can be obtained by crossing a domestic cat with wild: these breeds are called hybrid. Tell.

Hybrid breedsIt happens that hybrids of wild cats and domestic cats appear by accident. For example, the described case binding Caracal and a domestic cat at the Moscow zoo, but born to them litter the kitten has not given offspring.

But most of these breeds are bred for the sake of large cats with beautiful "wild" colors, exotic features of appearance, but with "manners" and characters of domestic murok.The degree of relationship is indicated by codes F1, F2, F3, F4 – the further the relationship, the greater the number. For example, the kitten F4 wild is great-grandfather or great-great-grandmother. Breeders decide with cats of what breeds it is advisable to cross hybrid cats further – most often, these are cats close in appearance and color: Abyssinian, Egyptian Mao, etc.

All hybrid breeds are the status of the experimental – that is, the studied, cats do not participate in shows and are not League titles. This does not prevent breeders from selling exotic kittens for thousands of dollars – the closer the blood to the wild founder of the breed, the more expensive.

Interspecific hybridization of cat possible. In nature there are hybrids of Jaguar and lion (jaglio), lion and tiger (liger, taigon), etc., in captivity was bred a leopard, whose father was a male leopard, and his mother – a lioness.

Hybrid males are sterile, but females can mate with any of the representatives of the species-ancestor, offspring from such mating is subject to the same natural principle. Cats of the genus Felis (this includes the kind of domestic cats and some wild species) it is all the same: hybrid "boys" do not produce offspring, only cat with highly diluted blood (the fifth generation) is able to be a dad kittens.

Enclosure hybrid cat is not needed – only if "range", but it will take a lot of space and a large number of verticals to climb in altitude (all cats need it, but semi-is particularly important). Feed a pet or natural meat products or prepared food for cats of large breeds. The samovygulu is strictly prohibited.


The word "karaket" means a hybrid of a wild cat – karakal and domestic. The breed, which is working on the Russian felinologist Irina Nazarova, in 2014 was entered in the register of the international felinological organization TICA as an experimental. At this stage, the breeder reported receiving kittens of the third generation – Caracat F3. 

In as a partners for karaketov and hybrids choose mostly Abyssinian cats. Caracetes are very effective: large cats (body length up to 90 cm, weight up to 15 kg, height at the withers – up to 45 cm) with a smooth color on top, "wild" spots on the legs and abdomen and tassels on high ears.

SavannahThe highest breed is a hybrid of domestic cat and African Serval, or Bush cat. Adult males to three years reach the withers of 60 cm the Weight of this "cat" – about 15 kg. 

Work on the creation of the breed were from the beginning of the 80s in the US, breeding has used a Bengal, Oriental, Siamese cats, Egyptian Mao, and even simple "Barsik". Since 2001, the breed is officially recognized, and in recent years representatives of its sufficient quantity, so interbreed matings to avoid inbreeding (closely related) is almost discontinued: Savannah knit with savannahs or servals.

Savannah – not only beautiful cat, but also the smartest, loyal to the owners and almost "kotopes".

ChausieA wild jungle cat on the language of science name Felis chaus, a hybrid breed, created over 40 years ago and recognized by the United States in 1995, called same. 

Have the chausie is a descendant of reed and primarily Abyssinian cats – bright appearance: small brush, large ears, long tail (three-quarters of body length), long muscular legs. There are "distinctions": the tips of the tail and ears sure black, the neck is often a "necklace", and the coat is definitely Tekirova: every hair painted at least two tones.

Chausie is a large cat, and the closer to the wild ancestor, the larger: males can weigh 15 kg, height – up to 40 cm, females are much smaller.


These cats appeared in 70's in the US. "Mother" breed – female South American wild cat Geoffrey, which is found in Brazil, where many,many not only wild monkeys, male Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair cats. The purpose of breeding this hybrid was not so much the desire to create beauty, how to find a cure for leukemia: cats Geoffrey not sick of it. 

The species described and recorded in the early 80's, but disputes breeders around these powerful (8-12 kg body weight) of cats with the wild beauty do not cease: some experts believe that too much resemble a Safari of Bengal cats.

Asher = Scam!

Hybrid cats are expensive, which means that it is an excellent ground for fraud and fakes. A grandiose scandal erupted around the "most expensive cat in the world" breed Asher, presented in 2007 and bred allegedly by crossing Serval, wild Bengal cat (not to be confused with a breed of Bengal domestic cats) and the usual domestic cat.

The breeder of the Savannah breed from Pennsylvania recognized in the photo "unique" cats kittens of his kennel and began an investigation. It turned out that one of the buyers of the kittens was a representative of the company, announced the creation of the breed Asher. DNA tests have fully confirmed the version of the Penn felinolog: Asher was a Savannah!

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