Miroslava Karpovich almost beat off skater Alexey Yagudin
Nov 09, 2020

Miroslava Karpovich almost beat off skater Alexey Yagudin

The novel by Miroslava Karpovich and Pavel Priluchny has been discussed for several months. It turned out that the Russian actor was not the only man who tried to take away from the family star of "Daddy's daughters".

Earlier, her choice fell on figure skater Alexey Yagudin, whose beloved at that time was expecting a child from him. About love adventures Karpovich told her friend in an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Miroslava Karpovich and Alexey Yagudin met at the theater when they worked together on a play. The girl immediately fell in love with the skater and tried to take him away from the family, not paying attention to his pregnant girlfriend.

"Miroslava immediately started attacking Yagudin, she was very Intrusive. I sent him my photos, constantly texted in the night. When the pregnant Totmyanina noticed it, almost it didn't come to a fight, Tatyana wanted to beat up the "razluchnitsa", — insiders tell.

Alexey Yagudin managed to prove that between him and Karpovich there was no relationship other than professional. Almost immediately after the scandal, his wedding to Tatyana Totmyanina took place.

According to another friend of Miroslava, her choice always fell on rich men who at that time had serious problems in the family.

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