What can you plant in the beds after the garlic harvest.
Jul 13, 2020

What can you plant in the beds after the garlic harvest.

At the height of the summer season, we release the beds after garlic. I don't want the land to stand idle all the way to the ground. After all, you can take it to your advantage!

I want to share with you a couple of great options that I use every year:

1. planting flowers. You can still plant some flowers between rows of garlic in the spring. It is best to use asters for this purpose.

At first, the flowers will protect the garlic from the strong sun, obscuring it. And when you harvest, empty beds will not look so sad.

2. Planting parsley. Another 2 weeks before collecting the garlic, put the parsley seeds to soak. And when you collect one crop, you can immediately plant another in its place. Parsley grows very quickly and its harvest will not make you wait long.

3. Planting cucumbers. After collecting garlic, you can also plant cucumbers. To achieve their fruiting in the shortest possible time, you will have to perform several procedures.

First of all, you need to choose the right variety. I would recommend planting such hybrid cucumbers as alligator F1 and Dean. For the rapid development of cucumbers, you will need to pinch them. If everything is done correctly, you will already get a generous harvest by the beginning of autumn.

4. Planting root crops. Such crops as radish, daikon and radish will take root perfectly on empty garlic beds. Root crops do not need a large amount of sunlight. Unpretentious crops grow very quickly and yield crops in early autumn.

5. Planting everbearing strawberries. If you occupy empty beds with strawberry bushes, then at the end of the season you can get a crop of sweet berries. But keep in mind that next season you will not be able to plant garlic on the same beds.

If you are a fan of the everbearing strawberries, can plant the availability of beds with green manure. And in the fall, plant strawberries or strawberries in their place.

Why can't the land be left empty?An empty plot of land can easily become overgrown with weeds. And it will be extremely difficult to get rid of them later. If the soil is very depleted, and you do not want to load it, then plant the siderates.

They will protect the beds from the appearance of weeds and at the same time enrich the land with useful substances. My favorite green manure is phacelia. The plant brings incredible benefits to the garden and almost does not need to be cared for.

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