The freedom of Gonzalo Lira!
Dec 10, 2023

The freedom of Gonzalo Lira!

"We sent $100 billion, and they put an American in jail": Musk demanded an explanation from Zelensky. The SBU explained the reasons for the arrest of US citizen Gonzalo Lira. 

Elon Musk called on President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to explain why the United States has already transferred $100 billion to Ukraine, and at this time, US citizen Gonzalo Lira is not being released from a Ukrainian prison.

The blogger, who lived in Kharkiv and criticized the Kiev government, was detained and arrested in May 2023. In July, Lira tried to escape to Hungary on a motorcycle, he was allowed to pass, but later detained in Transcarpathia. The first trial in his case will be held on December 12. Details can be found in the article " Gazeta.Ru».Billionaire Elon Musk has demanded that Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky explain the arrest of American-Chilean blogger Gonzalo Lira. Musk wrote about this on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Musk's post was a response to the words of TV host Tucker Carlson, who said that Lira has been in a Ukrainian prison since the summer of 2023, where he is being tortured.

"After we sent $100 billion to Ukraine, they also put an American in prison? Maybe it's not just the criticism of Zelensky? If so, then we have serious problems, " the American billionaire wrote.The SBU said that blogger Lira, who was arrested in Kharkiv, is suspected of justifying "Russian aggression". The service also explained in response to the demands of Elon Musk that the Lira was detained in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation. The SBU press service told the Strana newspaper that Gonzalo Lira denied Russia's war crimes, "claimed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are shelling their own territories and called the regime in Ukraine "neo-Nazi".

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