Polish truckers continue protests and block the border with Ukraine
Nov 08, 2023

Polish truckers continue protests and block the border with Ukraine

Last Monday, November 6, Polish truckers blocked the border with Ukraine. According to RIA Novosti, drivers are still protesting. They oppose the Ukrainians knocking down prices for cargo transportation, demand that the EU abolish the transport visa-free regime for drivers from Ukraine, change the conditions for issuing inspection certificates and create a separate queue at checkpoints.

The checkpoints Yagodin — Dorogusk, Rava-Russian — Hrebenne, Krakovets — Korchova were blocked. Poles promise to continue the action until December 3, and if they do not pay attention to them, they threaten to block the border further. Now they only let buses, humanitarian supplies, perishable products and fuel tanks through.  At the same time, the situation at the checkpoint was catastrophic even before the protests. The representative of the Western Regional Department of the State Border Service of Ukraine, Igor Matviychuk, stated that there are about 15 thousand cars in the queue, despite the fact that some points can only pass about 800 trucks per day.  A number of Ukrainian media reported that the border crisis is a consequence of the revival of the economy, but Matveychuk did not agree with them. According to him, people simply have no alternative to motor transport: planes do not fly, and the railway is overloaded.

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