China has completed the preparation of its largest carrier rocket, the Changzheng-5, for its third launch,…
The national forest coverage, which reached 220 million hectares last year, has seen a consistent growth…
The top environmental protection authority said complaints about air pollution accounted for more than half of…
The national currency of Georgia has reached a historic low after the ban of air traffic…
Even before the war, the USSR invested huge sums in the economy of Afghanistan, which were…
On Thursday, April 25, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-UN Met in Vladivostok. This was the first…
The builders closed the Russian and Chinese parts of the railway bridge over the Amur river,…
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Lokomotiv Moscow beat German Bayer (Leverkusen)
Famous figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze
On March 24, the head of the construction Complex
The newly minted world champion in figure skating
Skater from Kaliningrad won the gold of
Fans of "AK Bars" recognized striker Danis
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- Apr 10, 2019
Apple producers in Poland appealed to the government to resume trade with Russia and limit imports ...
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- Dec 13, 2019
Russia's Rosneft is looking for Japanese investors to develop giant oil fields. {loadposition user100} Rosneft ...
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- Mar 19, 2020
An ancient hut made of mammoth bones was found near Voronezh.25 thousand years ago, ancient people built a fire and ...
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