Erdogan horrified Australians and New Zealanders
Mar 24, 2019

Erdogan horrified Australians and New Zealanders

The President of Turkey Erdogan made so bright that led to the horror of such countries in the southern hemisphere, like Australia and New Zealand.

And soon 73-year-old foreign Minister of new Zealand Winston Peters will come to Turkey almost to apologize.The storm broke out after a white ultranationalist shot 50 Muslims in two mosques recently in the new Zealand city of Christchurch. Erdogan interpreted this as a threat to the white race directly to Turkey, refused to consider the terrorist attack a case of loners and announced a global conspiracy against Islam.The rostrum was a rally in honor of the 104th anniversary of the victory of Turkish troops in the battle of Canakkale Peninsula or Gallipoli. It's 1915. World war I. The Western powers-England and France — decided to recapture the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles from Turkey. For reinforcements England has challenged the troops from Australia and New Zealand. The two countries formed the Australian and new Zealand corps — ANZAC. It included the 1st Australian division, the Australian light cavalry brigade, as well as two new Zealand brigades — horse-infantry and infantry. These Marines from the southern hemisphere in the Mediterranean are going to fight the Turks. Fought for almost a year. About the fierceness of the battle says at least such an order of a young officer, the future Ataturk to his soldiers:"I'm not ordering you to attack. I order you to die!"As a result, the allies suffered a crushing defeat. And the loss of only Australians then amounted to more than 8 thousand killed, and in the new Zealand contingent — about three thousand. And now Erdogan sends the memory of the new Zealanders to that battle, reminding:"Your grandfathers came to us, and some of them returned in coffins. If you come like your grandfathers, be sure that you will perish like them."That is why the Minister of foreign Affairs of New Zealand flies to Turkey to smooth over the impression that it was New Zealand that organized the shooting of Muslims. Excuse me, the honorable diplomat Winston Peters will say, we are not against Muslims. We for peace. And please don't send us coffins with our citizens from Turkey. You're welcome. Erdogan? Thinks. 

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