In the Bundestag, assessed the risks in case of refusal from Nord Stream 2
Sep 19, 2020

In the Bundestag, assessed the risks in case of refusal from Nord Stream 2

Multibillion-dollar penalties may threaten Germany if it refuses to implement the Nord stream 2 project, said Bundestag Deputy Waldemar Gerdt, who is a member of the parliamentary Committee on international Affairs.

Nord stream is not a German or Russian project. More than 100 companies participate in it. All of them received permission, passed the appropriate procedures and invested money. If we stop Nord stream now by a political decision, we will face more than 10 billion euros in penalties. That is, compensation for damages to all these firms, " RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.According to the parliamentarian, another danger for Germany, which is fraught with stopping this project, is the threat to the energy security of Germany."We are closing coal-fired power plants, abandoning nuclear power, switching to electric transport, and where will we get energy resources if we refuse the most economically and environmentally beneficial offer that Russia has made us for gas?» Gerdt said.

He stressed that the situation around the Nord stream 2 shutdown was caused by a standoff over access to energy markets. The MP added that the US is not profitable to build this gas pipeline, since they plan to sell their liquefied gas to EU countries. In addition, Gerdt believes that due to the rejection of Nord Stream 2, the price for gas and electricity will increase by more than 20%.

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