Russia will turn the dirty trick of the USA with Tajikistan in its favor
May 22, 2022

Russia will turn the dirty trick of the USA with Tajikistan in its favor

A real military operation to combat the "organized criminal group" unfolded in Gorny Badkhashan. The leaders of Tajikistan saw a foreign trace in the incident, and political scientists saw the opening of a "second front" against Russia. But, according to Anatoly Wasserman, Western instigators are unlikely to be able to pull off a feint with Tajikistan. The political consultant told "PolitExpert" who is behind the unrest and what such actions threaten the initiators themselves.

On the eve of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan reported that militants "Molotov cocktails" set fire to a convoy of cars of the anti-terrorist unit of the State Committee of National Security. As a result of illegal actions in the Rushan district of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, one officer was killed, 13 servicemen were seriously injured. About 200 attackers are known.

"With the use of all types of weapons, the Dushanbe — Khorog highway and the border commandant's office were blocked at three points in the center of the Rushan district… In order to ensure the safety of citizens and public order, the country's law enforcement agencies have launched an anti—terrorist operation," Interfax quotes the statement of the department.

The Interior Ministry believes that international extremist organizations lead and sponsor organized criminal groups. The weapons, according to the ministry, were brought from abroad in advance. It is reported that more than 70 militants were detained, 11 of whom were wounded. A criminal case was opened against them.

Andrey Grozin, head of the Central Asia Department of the CIS Institute, said earlier that a "second front" against Russia could open in Tajikistan. This attempt to distract Moscow from the problems in the West can really be implemented, says Anatoly Wasserman, a State Duma deputy, publicist, and political consultant. However, he is sure that it is not so easy to organize something like this against Moscow.

"This is a standard technique in military affairs, called defense overstrain. If there is an opportunity to create enough threats so that it is not possible to repel them all, then the defense, of course, collapses," the source said.

Obviously, this is beneficial to those who organized terrorist support. According to Wasserman, it is most likely the United States and one of their "accomplices":

"I say "accomplices" because Washington has been behaving like a banal racketeer and a non-banal terrorist for decades. That is, he is engaged in the purest dirty criminality."

Tajikistan is far from the most prosperous place in the region, the political consultant noted. However, against the background of Afghanistan, it is unlikely that it will be possible to recruit "any significant cadres for protest" in this republic, and the transition to the power phase will be immediately blocked.

"This will be done in the same way as the terrorist coup attempt in Kazakhstan was blocked in January."

Wasserman warned the United States that attempts to divert attention from the special operation in Ukraine will not end well for the Americans. In fact, Russia is able to turn American attempts in its favor. "Our specialists will find a way to answer. At the very least, they will show the Americans that we also know how to play defense overstrain. In the sense that we will find some of their vulnerabilities," the political consultant concluded.

Recall that in Alma-Ata in January of this year there were unrest caused by an increase in the price of liquefied petroleum gas, which turned into mass riots. Peacekeepers went there as part of the operation of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. It was the CSTO forces that brought order to the country in a matter of days.

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