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The origins of European chivalry are traditionally found in the era of the great and glorious Arthur. Here we see all the usual attributes: the appearance of knights, their code of honor in relations with each other and the cult of the beautiful lady. In Russia at this time, it seems like dark times, soup bast shoes slurp and no one has ever heard of Europe. Where did the assumption about the Russian roots of the legendary ruler come from? Excalibur is a sword-kladenets?

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One of the little – known pages of the great Patriotic war in modern Russia is the participation of Norwegian volunteers in the war with the Soviet Union. Since the invasion on 9 April 1940, Norwegian territory has been under military occupation by the third Reich and the German civil administration in cooperation with the Pro-German government.

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In Italy, employees of the Main Department of archeology, fine arts and landscape of the city of Verona unearthed a magnificent mosaic of an ancient Roman Villa, which was hidden under a vineyard for the last century.
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An ancient hut made of mammoth bones was found near Voronezh.25 thousand years ago, ancient people built a fire and probably dried meat in it. The exact purpose of the structure remains unknown. An ancient hut made of mammoth bones was found near Voronezh by an international group of archaeologists.

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Porcelain from the ground: in Perm showed an ancient treasure. Snow-white table porcelain, fragile glass, as well as copper utensils — more than 250 items in an old wooden box - such a find was discovered by the Kama archaeological expedition in the center of Perm.

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