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Regular addition of microgreens to the diet can improve the functioning of the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, reproductive and endocrine systems. These sprouts will prolong youth, improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair and will not harm the diet, because they contain a minimum of calories!

Microgreen is not just a fashion, but also a real modern superfood! These tender little sprouts contain much more vitamins and important elements for the body than adult plants. Thanks to the simplicity of growing, you can please yourself and your loved ones with fresh sprouts at any time of the year.

In the Arab world, there is a growing interest in borscht and sour cream. The number of Russian restaurants in the middle East has doubled over the past five years. Our dumplings and kulebyaki are the most popular among the residents of the UAE.

April-June is the traditional asparagus season in Europe. The oblivion of this  in Soviet times led to the fact that asparagus was considered a new and unusual culture in our country. In the  literature, you can even find such definitions as" strange vegetable "and"unusual Russian land sprout". However, for a Russian person of the XIX and early XX century, there was nothing strange about asparagus. 

Tin or glass? Frozen or fresh? When choosing red caviar, it is important to pay attention to the packaging and labeling, roskachestvo expert Natalia Petrochenkova told Sputnik radio.

Experts presented the results of the study of wine, making the top 200 best drinks.

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