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Regular addition of microgreens to the diet can improve the functioning of the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, reproductive and endocrine systems. These sprouts will prolong youth, improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair and will not harm the diet, because they contain a minimum of calories!

Microgreen is not just a fashion, but also a real modern superfood! These tender little sprouts contain much more vitamins and important elements for the body than adult plants. Thanks to the simplicity of growing, you can please yourself and your loved ones with fresh sprouts at any time of the year.

Not every plot size allows you to plant large trees, although many fans dream of coniferous plants in the country. However, the stereotype hinders: Christmas trees grow huge and take up a lot of space, and even cast a shadow on each other.

At the height of the summer season, we release the beds after garlic. I don't want the land to stand idle all the way to the ground. After all, you can take it to your advantage!

Voronezh Chernozem, as a standard of fertile soil, was stored in the French national agronomic Institute. The black earth region is not only the most fertile soil, it is also the most interesting and eventful history of the region.

Ants are a headache for many gardeners. These insects are dangerous because they are carriers of aphids, which destroys many suburban plantations.

Orchid is a beautiful plant that decorates our apartments with its flowers.

Marigolds, or Tagetes are known all over the world. They bloom until the first frost and have a bright aroma reminiscent of wormwood. The latter is not to everyone's liking, however, this is their feature. But thanks to her, they are popular as a means of pests in the garden.

More than half of the territory of old Moscow is occupied by green spaces, and every year the city is decorated with new oaks, lime trees, fir trees, lilac bushes, chubushnik, dogwood.

What flowers to plant in the shade? Shade-tolerant plants are not as difficult to pick up as it seems at first.

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