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On January 20, the scientific expedition vessel (NES) "Akademik Fedorov" of the AANII Roshydromet left for the Antarctic voyage from the port of St. Petersburg. According to the press service of Roshydromet, the ship's voyage will last 134 days.

A special device will allow you to see iron, aluminum, titanium and even water on the Earth's satellite.

Rostec presented the first domestic base station of the fifth-generation mobile communication network. The station was developed by Kryptonite.

Scientists of the Tyumen state University (TSU) together with Russian colleagues have found a universal natural antibiotic that overcomes the resistance of pathogens to drugs. The study is published in the journal Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Scientists First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov (Moscow state University of medicine) together with Russian colleagues was isolated from soil fungi a protein called americanised A. It was found that it has antitumor and antibacterial activity. The scientists ' article was published in the journal Molecules.

Scientists at Tambov state technical University (TSTU) have created an artificial intelligence that can recognize breast cancer on x-ray images.

One of the most promising materials for the aviation and automotive industry is aluminum. Scientists of the National research technological University "MISIS" found a simple and effective way to strengthen composite materials based on it.

Средства из бюджета Новосибирской области на повышение инновационной и инвестиционной активности в сельском хозяйстве будут выделены в 2019 году.

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