The builders collected all the spans of the railway part of the Crimean bridge

Just at the bridge 306 railway superstructures. Spans of the railway part of the Crimean bridge connected over the Kerch Strait, told reporters on Sunday in the InfoCenter of the bridge.

"All the spans of the railway part of the Crimean bridge are collected. This is 160 thousand tons of steel structures on 307 supports. More than 6 km of spans are located above the water area, the rest-over land plots (Kosa and Tuzla island) in the Kerch Strait," the report said.

It is specified that in total at the bridge 306 railway span structures, on everyone on two blocks - from them parallel branches for movement of trains towards the Crimea and in the opposite direction are created. Spans weighing more than 500 tons were manufactured at Russian factories, delivered to the Taman Peninsula in disassembled form, and assembled on the spot. It took more than 4 million high-strength bolts to assemble, the length of the welds reached almost 118 km.

It is noted that on the land supports the collected spans were mounted by cranes, on the sea ones - they were moved by powerful jacks in longitudinal and transverse ways. On one of the sea areas (from Kerch to the fairway) the slide was not straight, but in compliance with the design radius: the track rounded Cape AK-Burun, so as not to damage the monument of historical and cultural heritage "Fortress Kerch", located on the Cape.

"The final was the span between the supports 219 and 220 - a design length of almost 64 m, it was installed in the design position in several stages. Sections of the span were alternately raised by the cranes. Then they will be connected to each other at a height with bolts and welding. In order to fix the section at a height between the two main pillars were built two auxiliary, temporary" - are the words of the Deputy General Director for the production of the contractor Dmitry Petukhov.

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