Ukraine and Lithuania will suffer from EU sanctions against Belarus

If the European Union imposes economic sanctions on Belarus, these measures will not be sensitive for Minsk, economist Vasily Koltashov believes.

"The European Union has not very painful lists of sanctions for Belarus: this is a blow to Belarusian officials, refusal to accept them, refusal to recognize certain diplomatic representatives — there may even be such pressure associated with embassies. And there are painful measures — economic ones: Belarusian goods may simply not be allowed to enter the European Union anymore, " Koltashov said on Sputnik radio.
At the same time, the economist believes that if trade ties with Russia are maintained and deepened, economic pressure measures from the EU will not be particularly sensitive for Belarus. In his opinion, Ukraine, which may be forced to abandon Belarusian oil products, as well as Lithuania, may suffer from EU sanctions against Belarus.

"As for oil products and other goods that Belarus supplies to Ukraine, Kiev, as usual, will bear the costs. Ukraine, Lithuania-they are simply created to take the maximum economic losses. Thus, the European Union will bear minimal costs even with the most serious possible sanctions, and Ukraine and Lithuania will suffer more, but the European commissioners will not regret this in any case," Koltashov said.

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrel, following a meeting of the EU foreign Affairs Council in Brussels, said that the EU does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate President of Belarus, and sanctions against the Republic's authorities may be adopted at the next meeting. Borrel said that the foreign Ministers of the EU countries could not agree on the sanctions list, and there is also no agreement on personal sanctions against Lukashenka. European leaders will revisit the issue during the September 24-25 summit.
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